Nursery/Pre-K Curriculum




This curriculum guide was created by Dawn Chaffin of Miss Dawn’s Child Care as a resource for parents, Teachers, and children. It is an outline of what is expected to be covered throughout the year.


Young children are action-oriented learners who need plenty of opportunities to play, reflect on their work, and interact with other children. They have needs in all developmental areas – social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative.


     Learning centers have been created to encourage active learning. Learning centers are places designated to invite the children to learn through hands-on exploration. Young children need the freedom to choose activities or meaningful projects – opportunities that fully extend their learning experiences and build on prior knowledge. Learning centers encourage children to be self-directed; a positive learning environment is achieved.


The activities that are created for the curriculum allow the children to think creatively, to construct meaning from their experiences, and to apply problem-solving skills.


MissDawnCirclePict The curriculum guide is a living document and may, from time to time, be modified. Please feel free to present any input you have regarding this guide to Miss Dawn.

When working with children and education it is always a partnership. Parents, teachers, and children need to continually find ways to work together to maximize each child’s potential.


Pre-K Curriculum

Language Arts:

Through the Language Arts activities, the children will:

  • Develop fine motor skills through writing and drawing.

  • Strengthen prewriting skills by copying words and symbols.

  • Develop cognitive skills by sequencing events, and naming objects.

  • Apply critical thinking skills when demonstrating understanding of concepts,  such as big/little.

  • Strengthen vocabulary through the use of rhymes, naming objects, and using plurals correctly.

  • Improve communication skills by telling stories, sharing observations, and helping others.


Library And Computer:

Through the Library and Computer center activities, the children will:

  • Develop the ability to tell stories.

  • Develop an enjoyment of good books.

  • Demonstrate ability to follow directions.

  • Perform tasks on a computer.

  • Identify computer components.



Through the Math activities, the children will:

  • Strengthen one-to-one correspondence skills by working with manipulatives.

  • Develop number sense of small numbers.

  • Demonstrate patterning.

  • Investigate volume.

  • Apply critical thinking skills.

  • Improve communication skills by sharing observations and conclusions.



Through the art activities, the children will:

  • Strengthen fine motor skills in hands and fingers.

  • Develop eye-hand coordination.

  • Develop prewriting skills through the use of paintbrushes, crayons, markers,   and glue bottles.

  • Strengthen prewriting skills by copying shapes, lines, letters, and forms.

  • Improve communication skills by identifying colors, shapes, and objects.

  • Enhance their language development through the use of media description of rough/smooth, shiny/dull.



Through the science activities, the children will

  • Apply critical thinking skills by investigating and experimenting.

  • Construct knowledge from investigative experiences.

  • Develop fine motor skills by using science equipment.

  • Strengthen vocabulary by identifying objects and describing events.

  • Improve communication skills by sharing observations, comparisons, and conclusions.


Social Studies:

Through the social Studies activities, the children will:

  • Develop the ability to answer questions about self and needs.

  • Identify animals, people, and objects.

  • Apply critical thinking skills when making observations.

  • Develop an understanding of how to act in social settings.

  • Learn to sequence events.

  • Improve communication skills by discussing the activities, sharing observations and conclusions.


Music And Movement:

Performing the Music and Movement activities, the children will:

  • Have the opportunity to explore feelings, relationships, and various concepts.

  • Promote the development of listening and speaking skills, motor skills. and aesthetic appreciation.

  • Stimulate imagination and creativity.

  • Focus attention on how their bodies move.

  • Learn various songs and movements.

  • Learn the names of a variety of musical instruments and how to use them.



Through the Health activities, the children will:

  • Develop an awareness of oneself, and build self esteem.

  • Identify qualities that make them special and individual.

  • develop good nutrition habits.

  • Self-help skills that will keep them healthy, they become confident of their own capabilities.

  • Model good health practices.

  • Explore the five senses.

  • Develop ways to keep their teeth healthy and strong.