Schedule of Program Activities: Pre-school


7:00 Breakfast is given.  After breakfast free play begins. Children may  use crayons, play dough or paints.

Available are: blocks, dolls, kitchen center, books, puzzles, stuffed       

animals, trucks, and other manipulatives to promote fine motor  coordination. Individual interactions with teachers and children.


8:15 Exercise activity begins, followed by table toys.     


9:15 Clean-up and bathroom/diaper changes. Hands washed.


9:30 Circle time begins. The children review the calendar, weather,

days of the week, numbers, read a book and discuss the theme of

the week; also (opposites, name recognition, alphabet, and show  tell)


10:00  Hands are washed and snack is given.


10:15   Language skills and project/activity relating to the thematic unit.


11:00   Bathroom and diaper changes. Hands washed. Outdoor play,   weather permitting. Cooperative play plus large motor skill development. 


12:00   Hands are washed and lunch is served.


12:45    Bathroom/Diaper changes. Hands washed. Soft music is put on,    nap time begins.


2:30     Children awaken, bathroom/diaper changes.


 2:45    Hands are washed and snack is given. 


3:00     Table toys; children use small motor skills and problem solving    while using manipulatives and puzzles.


4:00     Outdoor play. group and social cooperative play promoted.


5:15      Bathroom/Diaper changes. Hands washed. Children listen to a    story, sing or watch a  movie while children are being picked-up.


6:00     Days activities end, everyone goes home. Have a good night!