Miss Dawn’s Staff


dawnMiss Dawn Chaffin


Master’s Degree in Education

We prepare our children to take the next step in their lives by teaching them many priceless lessons, such as, taking on challenges, being kind, developing a zest for learning and being a part of a community. We love to watch them laugh and grow to be all they can be”


allisonMiss Alison Skloot – Gesuele

Director Melville School

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

No day is ever the same…what never changes is how much the children brighten our days and our hearts”


susieMiss Susie Galante

 Teacher Melville School

 12 years Child Care Development

 Our children are our little stars of tomorrow that shine brightly and light up our world”


louizaMiss Louiza Jurbenco

Teacher Melville School

Bachelor’s Degree

I love seeing the children each day at Miss Dawn’s … they are our heart and soul”


6Miss Angie Margaritis

Teacher Melville School

Bachelor’s Degree

Miss Dawn’s is like coming home to another family and every smile brings joy to our hearts”


2Miss Janet Valenzuela

Assistant Melville School

Over 4 years experience in Child Care development

It takes big hearts to shape little minds”



Miss Dina Attia

Assistant Melville School

Over 7 years experience in Child Care development

My most precious moments are when i’m watching the children grow and learn”


JESSICAMiss Jessica Burgos

Assistant Melville School

Over 9 years experience working with children CDA certified

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery”




claudiaMiss Claudia Spillane

Director Huntington School

Bachelor’s Degree in Education

It’s through working with the children that we truly learn life’s lessons”



cynthiaMiss Cynthia Picado

Teacher Huntington School

7 years Child Care Development

I believe that if we give our children the necessary tools to succeed, they will succeed beyond their wildest dreams”


3Miss Melissa Stawkowski

Teacher Huntington School

Over 10 years experience

I enjoy working with children and molding the minds of the future”



Miss Erika Guardado

Assistant Huntington School

Over 7 years experience

A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart “


bettyMiss Betty Lippman

Assistant Huntington School

Over 25 years experience in Child Care development

I enjoy encouraging the day to day development of all age children”


SAMANTHASOSSMiss Samantha Soss

Assistant Huntington School

Over 2 years experience / working towards Degree in Education


AZZAMiss Azza Elfeky

Assistant Huntington School

Over 7 years experience in Child Care development



ginaMiss Gina

Office Manager / Assistant

Bachelor’s Degree

Through the children we grow every day watching them bring new light to the world”