The Weissberg’s

“Our 3 ½ year old, son, Dylan attends Miss Dawn’s in Huntington. He is our first born and at the age of 2 ½ we decided it was time to start attending a program. We took a tour of the center and instantly connected with Dawn and her lovely staff. Miss Dawn’s is a family oriented center with the benefits of a structured curriculum. The staff is amazing.  I really like how warm and compassionate they are with the children.  The teachers have helped him learn his letters, shapes, numbers and how to write his name. They have also assisted with potty training and promoted sharing. Every day he tells me how much fun he has at “school.” He enjoys building with blocks, playing with his friends, going outside, circle-time, and most of all he loves his teacher Miss Christine. Thank you for caring about Dylan’s growth and encouraging him to learn in a fun safe environment.”

~ The Weissberg’s

  • March 21, 2014

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