Miss Dawn’s Philosophy / Handbook

Philosophy, Goals and Focus of Miss Dawn’s Child Care

 Miss Dawn’s Child Care is NY State Licensed and certified.

It is the philosophy of Miss Dawn’s Child Care to provide a nurturing, safe and stimulating environment where a child can freely explore and discover at his/her own pace. Our mission is to provide each child with the early educational skills so that they can make successful age appropriate choices and decisions, express in a socially acceptable manner their ideas and feelings and are able to formulate and use age appropriate reasoning skills.

Miss Dawn’s Child Care fosters social development and supports each child as they begin to understand their world. Our philosophy is based on the premise that children are active learners. We believe that active learning occurs spontaneously if an environment is enriched with materials that a child can choose to manipulate in many different ways. The environment at Miss Dawn’s Child Care embraces a child’s curiosity and fosters their active participation. That is why the activities chosen at Miss Dawn’s Child Care promote language skills, social development, initiative, creative representation, logic and math.

The staff members at Miss Dawn’s Child Care are committed to taking on the role of a facilitator. Their job is to guide each child through developmentally appropriate experiences. Each child’s natural curiosity is stimulated to ask questions and to find solutions with at teachers constant guidance and support. The teacher’s role is to enhance the child’s endeavors by using verbal and non-verbal techniques, such as open-ended questions, which require a child to think and discuss their answers.

Our ultimate goal is to prepare our children in their early years for the successful transition into school and ultimately adulthood.


 Policy Statement



Miss Dawn’s Child Care admits all children of any race, color, creed and ethnic origin. All privileges, programs and activities are made available to each and every child at the center regardless of race, color, creed or ethnic origin.

Miss Dawn’s Child Care serves those children who’s ages range from two (2) months to five (5) years of age.


Food Service Arrangements:

Miss Dawn’s Child Care will provide snacks and juice to each child daily. It is the parents responsibility to provide breakfast and/or lunch daily. However, Miss Dawn’s Child Care is required by NYS to monitor all meals for nutritional value. Each meal must follow the  06/01/15 Updated Regulations per OPFS for Meals and Snacks. Please see the attached Updated Food Regulations at the end of this packet.

Please notify the staff at Miss Dawn’s Child Care of any medical conditions regarding foods and drinks which warrant attention – ESPECIALLY FOOD ALLERGIES !


Late Pick-Ups:

If your child is not picked up by 6:00 p.m., an additional one dollar ($1.00 ) per minute will be charged.

If a child is not picked up by the parent or person(s) on the emergency pick up list within one hour after normal closing time, or if no other arrangements have been made with the director of Miss Dawn’s Child Care, referrals to outside agencies such as the police may be made. It is solely the responsibility of the parents to make sure that their child is picked up at closing time.


 Security and Safety


For the purpose of security, the doors at Miss Dawn’s Child Care will remain locked at all times. A buzzer must be rung to enter the building. Once the buzzer is rung it activates the video camera and we will be able to see who is at the door. The speaker is attached to the buzzer to allow conversation between those who wish to enter and those in the building.  Outdoor gates will remain latched at all times as well.

Parents or a designated adult must sign their child in and out daily. Only persons (over age 18) are allowed to pick-up the children. Please have photo identification with your name on it at all times when picking up your child. Also, a written permission and photo identification will be required if anyone is picking up your child that is not on the pick-up list. All individuals entering the child care other than the parent (even if authorized to pick-up) must sign in on the visitors sign-in/out sheet.

We will not release a child to any person or persons that exhibits behavior(s) that he or she may not then be emotionally/physically capable of safely caring for a child, in particular due to an intoxicating substance.

If you have a custody order that limits your child’s other parent’s contact, or an Order of Protection/Restraining Order that has to do with your child’s protection we must be notified immediately and must have a copy of the legal document. Please be aware that we may not legally restrict a parent’s contact without such documentation.


 Child Safety (CPS):

The administration will keep accurate records locked to protect the privacy of the children. Children are active. Typical cuts and bruises are to be expected to be obtained at home or at Miss Dawn’s Child Care. Even so, we must ask you to explain

how your child became injured while away from Miss Dawn’s. As mandated reporters, if the teachers or directors at Miss Dawn’s Child Care suspect or believe that a child is being abused in any way, we will contact the proper authorities without hesitation.

We will work closely with any or all governmental agencies to insure children at our center remain safe at all times.


Parent Involvement


We realize that the families we work with are at a very exciting but vulnerable stage. Parenting toddlers and pre-schoolers can be wonderful. It is a chance to see a brand new human being unfold and develop. During the first few years we all marvel as a child explores and discovers themselves and the world around them. How we care for these precious children is of utmost importance. That is why we at Miss Dawn’s Child Care recognize that good communication between the child care provider and a parent is an essential part of providing a positive atmosphere for a child’s education and development.


Good communication is essential if we are to meet the needs of each child. That is why we need to know any information about your child that may affect his/her day at Miss Dawn’s.  Any change in sleep patterns, medication (even over the counter), physical or emotional difficulties should be discussed through notes to the staff, phone calls or a quick discussion at drop-off. If there is a more serious or personal concern individual appointments can be made.

Newsletters are given out monthly to keep parents abreast of all the new and exciting experiences that their child is encountering.


Observing your child is a good way to feel comfortable with their environment. That is why we at Miss Dawn’s have an open-door policy where parents are free to come and observe during our working hours.

Policies and Programs:

Programs and policies of Miss Dawn’s Child Care center will be provided upon the enrollment of a your child. If there are any changes in the policies of Miss Dawn’s Child Care or your child’s program, they will appear in the monthly newsletter.


Miss Dawn’s Child Care feels that parent/teacher conferences are an extremely important part of a child’s development. In September Miss Dawn’s hosts a “Meet the Parent Night”. This allows parents to meet the teachers, see their child’s environment and work, and also meet their child’s classmates and their respective parents.

At this time the classroom teachers will give an overview of the curriculum and thematic units that will be covered during the year. The various activities and learning centers will be explained along with the corresponding objectives that the child will be able to master.

Miss Dawn’s Child Care also has a parent/teacher conference in March. This allows parents to discuss with the teacher the progress and development of their child.

If at any time a parent has any other concerns, they may make an individual appointment to meet with Miss Dawn and the classroom teacher to address such concern.

 Information About Our Classroom Personnel

The staff members at Miss Dawn’s Child Care are professionals with varying academic backgrounds and experience. Staff members are qualified through specific training and education to carry out their respective functions in administration, operations and maintenance of Miss Dawn’s Child Care Center. Our employees are mature, of good character, and possess suitable personal qualifications. Our staff is in both good physical and mental health and have the energy and emotional stability necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of their position.

Miss Dawn’s Child Care center will be staffed to perform administrative/fiscal management functions. During all hours of operations these individuals will supervise programs which include developing, directing the daily activity programs for the children.



This staff member is required to obtain a BA degree including, or in addition to, 12 credits in Early Childhood, Child Development or related field. Miss Dawn, the director, exceeds the NYS requirements and hold a BA in Art Education/Graphic Design N-12 and a MA in Education N-6.

Teacher of the Pre-School Program:

This staff member will be qualified with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood, Child Development or related field. OR  will have a CDA (Child Development Associate credential) OR nine (9) college credits in Early Childhood Development.


Teacher of the Toddler Program:

This staff member will be qualified in addition to the above with 1 year of specific training and OR experience in toddler care.

 Assistant Teacher for All Age Groups: 

This staff member will have a High School Diploma or it’s equivalent. OR substantial experience working with children.

Special Training:

Miss Dawn’s Child Care works in accordance with the NYS Regulation requirements. Staff members are mandated to take 30 hours or formal training and workshops in the areas of:

1. Principals of childhood development, including the appropriate supervision of children, meeting the needs of children enrolled in the program with physical or emotional challenges and behavior management and discipline; and

2. Nutrition and health needs of children; and

3. Child day care program development; and

4. Safety and security procedures, including communication between parents /staff

5. Business record maintenance and management; and

6. Child abuse and maltreatment, identification and prevention; and

7. Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care; and

8. Statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment.

9. identification, diagnosis, and prevention of Shaken Baby Syndrome


Screening of Our Employees:

Miss Dawn’s Child Care employs a thorough selection process of its prospective employees.

Such process begins with an application and interview to ascertain the individual’s personal philosophy regarding child care and education. All qualified candidates must provide a health history, verifiable references and a sworn statement regarding any felony conviction history. Each qualified candidate that is selected for employment at Miss Dawn’s Child Care is  fingerprinted and investigated through NYS Central Clearance for illegal or inappropriate activities.

 In-Home Babysitting Policy:

Miss Dawn’s Child Care does not render babysitting services off its premises. If you arrange with a staff member for off-premise child care during his/her non-working hours, the staff member undertakes such services on his/her own behalf and does not at any time represent Miss Dawn’s Child Care. Miss Dawn’s Child Care does not offer assurance of the fitness of its staff for performing these or other services off-premise services.