Miss Dawn,

Thank you so much for always being so kind and working with me on day changes and all.

Please enjoy these treats we made. We really appreciate everything! Keira loves all of you!

The Lee Family


The Lee Family - Parents

To Whom it may concern,

 We are a local family living in the Huntington area. We have twin boys who began attending Miss Dawn’s Childcare on Route 110 in Huntington in 2006. They are 5 years old have progressed to Kindergarten from Miss Dawn’s.

 The children began at Miss Dawn’s after 3 years of staying at home with grandma and grandpa while my husband and I worked. It was time for them to expand their social skills and intellectual skills and after a failed attempt at another childcare center due to my sons’ inconsistent potty training success, we chose to send them to Miss Dawn’s as this was not an issue there. Within a month of attendance, one of my sons was completely potty trained and in a few months the other was also finished with his potty skills. What a relief for working parents to know our children were in a caring and attentive environment and this most important of milestones was reached successfully and without added stress.

 Miss Dawn and her staff were always very friendly and sensitive people when it came to dealing with the children. The Twins quickly overcame any separation anxieties and looked forward to going to school to spend their days with their teachers and friends. During the summers, I kept the boys at Miss Dawn’s for her little “Summer Camp” program. My husband and I feel that the small class size and close, one-on-one learning environment enabled our children to expressively gain the knowledge and skills needed to progress smoothly into Kindergarten. We have developed close and very friendly ties with everyone at Miss Dawn’s and our children have benefited from their experience there.

 We can strongly recommend Miss Dawn’s Childcare as a caring and safe childcare facility. Their friendly, reliable and competent staff were the perfect choice for our children.

 With kind regards,

Brigitte and Stan Linden

Brigitte and Stan Linden - Parents

My daughter has been going to this daycare for the past two years! I cannot express how wonderful this daycare and all of its employees are. They have treated my daughter with such love and affection. She is ready for Kindergarten due to Miss Dawn’s organization of how this facility should run. Look no further…this is top notch. My daughter loves going and can’t wait to see all of her friends on the next day. It’s one big family. Wonderful establishment!

~ By Susan T.

Susan T. - Parent