“My son is currently a student at Miss Dawn’s Child care in Melville. He has been there since the age of 1 and is now 5 years old. The staff in Melville is superb and the most caring. When I returned to work it was difficult, but I knew that my child was in amazing hands. As a teacher, sometimes I am overly nervous and cautious about what my children are learning each day. Miss Louiza, Miss Susie and Miss Alison are caring, compassionate, and care about the education and nurturing of the children. My older son who is now 10 also attended Miss Dawn and when he attended kindergarten orientation, the teachers asked me where his pre-school was because he was so prepared for kindergarten. The fact that their turnover of staff is so low is really a sign of how much they care. I will cry at graduation this June when my last son graduates and leaves Miss Dawn’s childcare!!”

Jennifer Houston - Parent

“My granddaughter goes to Miss Dawn’s, and she loves it there. She has made many friends, and enjoys her days at school. The teachers are very good with the children, and very considerate of parents and grandparents. As a grandparent I feel very positive about the school, the atmosphere, and the teachers at Miss Dawn’s.”

~ Lynne J.

Lynne J. - Grandparent

“Miss Dawn’s has been a wonderful place for my daughter to learn and grow. She has been at the Huntington location since it opened. Beginning in the 2 year old room learning to socialize, moving up to the 3 year old room learning structure and all of the basics, and landing in the 4 years old classroom preparing for Kindergarten. The staff is friendly, loving and a joy to interact with each day. They really care about each child and work hard to help them be the best they can be.”

~ Michelle L.

Michelle L. - Parent

“My son Jayden attends school bright and early at Miss Dawn’s. He loves playing with his friends and tells me all about it when he comes home. When I ask him what he did, he tells me DANCE or other fun activity, I can see his eyes light up. School is something he looks forward to thanks to the staff. He enjoys playing outside, in his words “side” coloring is also on his top things to do. Everyday is exciting for him!”

~ Gina D.

Gina D. - Parent

“Miss Dawn’s has the warmest and friendliest staff around! They have an excellent learning program which has gotten my kids ready for Kindergarten. I wouldn’t recommend any other place!”

~ Cecilia P.

Cecilia P. - Parent

“When I drop my son off at Miss Dawn’s, I feel like I am leaving him with family. The teachers are nurturing and fun. I never thought I would find a place where I don’t have to worry about how he is being cared for. It is comforting to know that everyday, he is socializing with friends, enjoying time outdoors, doing projects, learning how o write and learning about the world. At the age of 3, he asked for a pen and paper, sat down at the table and wrote his name all by himself. I was so proud! Thank you to the teachers of Miss Dawn’s for teaching my son and helping him grow.”

~ Jen C.

Jen C. - Parent

“My twin daughters attend Miss Dawn’s Child Care in Melville. The staff does an amazing job with the kids. My kids LOVE the school and I am very happy as a parent with the level of care my daughters receive at the school. Both the staff and the owner Miss Dawn are amazing! They treat everyone like family. My daughters have been in child care for a couple of years now; and by far Miss Dawn’s is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest! The learning activities and crafts are always educational. The curriculum is very advanced for each group….You guys rock!”

~ Sincerely, Donna M.

Donna M. - Parent

“I often think how fortunate I have been to have such a wonderful place for my children to spend their time while I have to be at work. Nothing can be more comforting for a working parent, then to know that their children are being well cared for by wonderful people. I know that my children are loved and the teachers have done such a wonderful job teaching them so that they will be ready for kindergarten. I would like to thank the entire staff for all of their hard work, patience and determination in caring for my children. In addition, I would not have been able to potty train my son without all of your help and encouragement. Keep up the great job!”

~ Best, Pina

Pina - Parents

Dear Miss Dawn and Staff,

Thank you to you and all the wonderful teachers at your daycare. Your caring & support have made these past few years a great experience for Marc.

I know he will look forward to coming for visits and thanks for always keeping the door open for us.


The Thals

The Thals - Parents

My son and daughter (Anthony & Gianna) have been going to Miss Dawn’s for almost 1 year now. I know that they are super loved, safe and cared for by a great staff! It’s loving fun and educational. My son is 4 and writes his name, knows his numbers and letters (upper and lower case) they even learned some spanish while putting on their year end play. They can’t wait to go each day! 

~ By Lauren P.

Lauren P. - Parent