Sandra V.

My son has been going to Miss Dawn’s Child Care for almost a year now and he loves it. When we started looking for child care centers we weren’t sure what to look for, but after visiting several places we started noticing the differences between them, and ultimately our choice was narrowed to something we consider the key ingredient for a successful child care… and the key ingredient is Care. The day we visited Miss Dawn’s for the first time we were happy to witness one of the teachers affectionately hugging one of the kids while the whole class was singing the “I love you” song, and I was happy to know he would be in her class.

He has since then graduated to the nursery class and I am amazed by how much he has learned and how eager he is to continue to learn. A big thank you to all of the staff, not only for all of you teaching Daniel, but mostly for all the love.”


 Yours truly,

~ Sandra V.  

  • October 7, 2016

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